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The Journey Begins

The DULTR journey began in 2018 when two school friends, Neeraj and Unknown got together and started rendering services related to load testing or basic IT service.

Unwavering Mission

At DULTR, our aim is to bring simplicity to today’s complex IT infrastructure. We strive to elevate businesses with seamless IT solutions leveraging our national network. Our mission is to offer cutting-edge IT solutions delivered by a highly experienced team.

Unleashing Worldwide Potential

Our national approach enables us to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions with dedicated support, specialized project development, and comprehensive cybersecurity services. We pride ourselves on offering 24/7 dedicated support to ensure our clients’ needs are always met.

Choosing Our Difference

Running a business can indeed be complex, especially when it comes to technology. At DULTR TECHNOLOGIES, we are here to simplify your IT complexities. Our expert team is dedicated to understanding your organization’s goals and custom needs, ensuring we provide the solutions necessary to achieve them. By leveraging our cutting-edge IT services, we will help bring innovation to your business and drive it forward. Trust us to handle the intricacies of technology while you focus on what matters most – your core business objectives.

The Essence of Our Values

Our distinctive culture is defined by five fundamental qualities that set us apart from our rivals.


We are deeply passionate about delivering an exceptional and unparalleled experience.


We maintain an atmosphere of respect and compassion among ourselves, even during challenging times.


We are granted the authority and autonomy to fulfill our responsibilities and strive collectively towards a shared objective.


We collaborate as a unified unit, placing our trust in one another to craft a seamless and exceptional experience.

A team founded upon expertise and knowledge.

We are actively expanding our national network, assembling a dynamic team that excels in both service and technical prowess. With a rapidly growing workforce of over 22 professionals located throughout India, we are scaling up swiftly.

Stronger in unison

We understand the importance of finding a balance between work and play. While we take our work seriously, we also believe in enjoying the journey and creating positive experiences for our clients.

At DULTR TECHNOLOGIES, we value our partnerships and strive to make the process of solving critical problems an enjoyable one. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we find fulfillment in helping our clients succeed.

We believe that life is too short not to embrace every minute and bring a smile to your face along the way.

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