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Our personnel boasts a diverse range of industry-acknowledged certifications and academic qualifications.

We appreciate the clarification regarding your business intentions. At DULTR TECHNOLOGIES, we maintain a strict and clear focus on serving our customers and prioritizing their projects. We are committed to providing the best possible options and solutions to meet their needs. To ensure exceptional service, we only engage with highly skilled professionals or Open Talent, who are continuously updated with the latest technologies. By keeping our team in an updated environment, we can better serve you and your business, delivering top-quality results that align with your objectives.

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Neeraj Rathee, the Founder of DULTR TECHNOLOGIES, plays a crucial role in overseeing the business operations and ensuring the delivery of premier services. With expertise and over over 5 years of experience in comprehensive Cybersecurity services, network security solutions, and other IT services,

His experience and leadership contribute to the company’s ability to provide high-quality and reliable solutions to clients.

Chetan Saini, the Founder of DULTR TECHNOLOGIES, plays a crucial role in IT leadership and strategic vision for the business. With his expertise and experience, Chetan is responsible for overseeing the long-term business goals and ensuring that the company’s IT initiatives align with the overall strategic direction. His leadership contributes to shaping the technological landscape of DULTR TECHNOLOGIES and guiding the organisation towards achieving its long-term objectives.

Ayush Kanth, the Managing Director of DULTR TECHNOLOGIES, is responsible for providing strategic leadership and overseeing the long-term growth and development of the company. He plays a key role in formulating and implementing business strategies, fostering strong client relationships, and identifying new opportunities for business expansion. Ayush also oversees financial management, team development, and ensures the organisation remains at the forefront of industry trends and innovation. 

Zeeshan Sikandar, as an Administrative Assistant, plays a vital role in ensuring smooth office operations. He manages daily administrative tasks, coordinates schedules, and maintains office supplies. Zeeshan also handles communication channels, including phone calls and emails, and assists with written correspondence. His attention to detail and organisational skills contribute to the efficient functioning of the office, supporting the overall productivity of the team.

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Our seasoned IT team is your driving force, combining expertise, strategy, and dedication to propel your business. With skilled technicians, engineers, consultants, and support staff, we craft custom solutions that surpass expectations. At DULTR TECHNOLOGIES, we redefine possibilities, sparking innovation for your success. Experience the power of our team through a transformative consultation that uncovers an untapped IT potential.

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